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BIAS WealthBuilder Programme

The BIAS WealthBuilder Program provides investors with an easy systematic way of investing, whereby equal periodic contributions are made to their portfolio. Many clients have found that this ‘pay yourself first’ method of building wealth is the surest way to grow net worth. Additionally, consistent and continuous contributions assist in lowering risk as a consequence of buying in both strong and weak markets.

After making a minimum initial deposit of $25,000, the investor begins accumulating wealth through one of BIAS’ portfolio packages adding a minimum of $1,000 each month or $2,000 each quarter. BIAS Global Portfolios SPC simplifies your choices by offering four portfolio packages designed to satisfy the risk tolerance and return objectives of various investors.


Wealth Builder Investment Risk Options



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Join the BIAS WealthBuilder Program and grow your net worth! Contact us to arrange an appointment or call us on: 

  • (+1 441) 292-4292 for our Bermuda office,
  • (+1 345) 943-0003 for our Cayman Islands office.


Easy Systematic Investing

BIAS helps you determine the amount you can put aside each month such that you don’t even notice it not being in your bank account and thereby don’t even think about it. A direct debit or standing order for this amount from your savings or chequing account is arranged with your bank.  This amount is invested on your behalf as per your agreed strategy.

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Long Term Focus

The BIAS Risk Profile indicates what your long-term strategy should be. Once your risk tolerance is determined, your contribution will be directed toward the determined strategy such that you need only periodic reviews with your BIAS investment advisor. This long-term focus frees you up to manage your short term priorities.

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No Front End Fees

You pay no front end fees when buying BIAS Global Portfolio SPC funds. Redemption fees fall to one percent after 12 months.

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Dollar Cost Averaging

By investing systematically every month, you smooth out potential fluctuations in market valuations. Over time your average purchase price is lower than the average market price for the same period through dollar cost averaging.

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Ongoing Consultation

A BIAS investment advisor will be available to discuss your risk tolerance and to help you formulate a strategy most suitable to you at the outset. However, as you progress through life, your needs will change. For this reason we recommend that you request periodic consultations with a BIAS investment advisor.

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No Penalties to Stop Contributing

We always recommend that you commit to a discipline of contributing on a regular basis; however we know that your priorities may change and that you may have to stop contributing for a period of time

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Withdrawals at Any Time

The BIAS Global Portfolio SPC funds trade weekly each Friday. This means that you could withdraw funds at any time subject to a week’s notice. The proceeds would be deposited to your bank account in approximately 10 business days. Redemption fees do apply to three funds but these do not exceed one percent after a 12 month holding period.


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